These Methods Are The Very Best Way To Clean Your Bathtub

These Methods Are The Very Best Way To Clean Your Bathtub

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The Easiest Way to Clean a Tub
People have actually been complaining regarding cleansing the washroom since the development of indoor plumbing. Currently a new research by the University of The Golden State San Francisco/Berkeley Ergonomics Program shows that help gets on the means for those who loathe bending and also stretching to obtain a tidy tub as well as shower.
According to the research, using a device with a lengthy deal with can clean the tub/shower easier, taking less initiative and reducing stress and anxiety on shoulders, knees and reduced back.
The widely utilized sponge and also spray cleaner cleaning technique often tends to position users in a number of stances that can result in injury to the bone and joint system," claimed study lead ergonomist as well as physiotherapist, Ira Janowitz. "Our research study reveals that making use of a cleaning tool with a lengthy take care of to do the stretching for you assists soothe musculoskeletal tension
Adhering to a couple of easy suggestions can assist you protect against low neck and back pain, claims Janowitz.
  • • • Press rather than pull when you have to relocate a hefty things. Keep your back straight and the item near to your body when relocating a things. Always avoid twisting while you are lifting.

  • • • While performing common household chores, use items that are ergonomically made to lower unpleasant flexing or stretching, such as the Clorox BathWand. Developed specifically for cleaning the tub and also shower, this convenient device has a 23-inch manage as well as rotating head that allows you to easily get to huge as well as hard-to-clean areas without straining or kneeling.

  • • • A non-active way of living can add to lower back pain, so make sure to work out consistently. Workout is very important for strengthening and also conditioning muscular tissues of the torso, or "core" muscles, that sustain the reduced back.

  • Professionals estimate that 80 percent of Americans will certainly experience neck and back pain eventually in their lives. To keep back discomfort from hindering the activities of your daily life, make sure to take the required preventative measures when possible-be it at work or while doing tasks around the house.

    How to Clean a Bathtub: Best Bathtub Cleaning Tips and Hacks

    How Often Should You Clean Your Bathtub?

    It’s recommended that you clean and disinfect your bathtub or shower weekly, including the shower curtain. Of course, not everyone does this. It’s usually done at the same time you clean the entire bathroom, and many people put this chore off for as long as reasonably possible.

    Now we all know that cleaning your bathtub and shower isn’t a fun or simple job, but let’s face it, it has to be done, and if you’re not performing this task at least once a week, you are not cleaning your bathtub often enough. A deeper scrubbing should be done once a month.

    The bathtub is an essential part of your home and life. Ridding it of and keeping it from soap scum, dirt, mildew, germs, and invisible mineral deposits can seem like a huge challenge, but it really doesn’t take all that much time and effort to get your bathtub spotlessly clean.

    How to Clean a Bathtub

    Baking soda will be your perfect cleaning partner in clearing stains and mold from your bathtub. Especially when mixed with other household staples, baking soda creates a powerful cleaning solution that is both a gentle abrasive, and a deodorizer.

    Baking Soda and Vinegar

    As the power duo in household cleaning, a spray made from equal amounts of baking soda and vinegar can be used in routine cleaning to remove light stains, and kill mold and mildew. Spray the mixture around your bathtub, and let the mixture sit for 15 minutes before wiping clean.

    Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

    Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide creates a whitening solution that is safe to use even on grout and bathtub lining. Spray down your bathtub with hydrogen peroxide diluted with water, and sprinkle baking soda around the area. The fizzy reaction will lift away soap scum, water stains, and mold, while the hydrogen peroxide disinfects the area.

    Baking Soda and Bleach

    While you wouldn’t want to use bleach anywhere near your skin, a mixture of bleach and baking soda can be used to spot clean areas in your bathtub that may have heavy stains from mold, mildew, oils, and more. Simply add just enough bleach and baking soda to form a paste, and apply directly on spots. Leave for 10 minutes, and wipe dry.

    How To Clean An Old Bathtub

    Old bathtubs can be tricky as the staining and discoloration have most likely set. A bleach solution is your best bet in removing the stains and deep cleaning your old bathtub. Fill your tub with water, and add in ½ a cup of bleach for every gallon of water. Let sit and use a brush to scrub away stained spots. Rinse and repeat if necessary.

    Alternatively, you can use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for stubborn stains that just won’t come out. Magic Erasers work by using micro scrubbers to lift away discolored stains using only water. It is safer for your skin, and healthier for the environment.

    How to Deep Clean a Bathtub

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